It was tiring to get up early and rush to court for it starts at 8.30a.m., 30 minutes earlier than usual. What to do, job is job. I have to put some bread on the table, don’t I? Good thing is it is only five minutes’ drive to work.

I am offered a job by one of the most prominent criminal lawyer. I have promised him to give it a thought. My portfolio in my current firm is general litigation and criminal law has always been my major interest since law school. But to have one’s life in your hand is a heavy burden to discharge. You send him to the gallow, you will have to face his family. And that will in deed haunt you for the rest of your life.

I have yet to make my decision, no datelines were given. I presume it’s an open offer. I seriously do not know if I am fit to do criminal. You never know until you try ya. But it is good to have an expert to teach me the art of questioning. Honestly speaking, I crave for that art of questioning and I don’t get to learn that in my current firm.
Yet another big decision to make.