I am a chronic cougher. Oh hazy days ahead, don’t give me a chest pain and a huge likelihood of suffering from asthma. I ended up in court yesterday whispering to the PKP.

Do you have any midwife’s tale as to how to cure a cough?

My mother has a handful of midwife’s tales. Sometimes they work and sometimes they do not. She has been ringing me every day just to check if I am still coughing.
1- Eat a tea spoon of honey every day.
2- Drink tamarind juices.
3- Shallow butter so that it can liquidate the phlegm.
4- Drink a glass of diced-ginger water.

I have done the first two. And it has improved at the rate of 5%. Midwife’s tales, it may work but it does not work for me this time.