Hunger for drama, ain’t it a common trait of denizens of the world?

Crouching Tiger
First, it was Tiger Wood’s extreme women-pecking life. A line of zero size women from all walks of life were disclosed by the media as “all-the-women-of-Wood’s-sexual-life”. No, they don’t single even a woman out. Does it matter to our life how many women had that tiger between their legs? For goodness sake, Mr. Wood is still the multi-millionaire who has a wife and kids. We enjoyed the whole series of events but we did not get any benefit out of it. The only person that does is Mrs. Wood herself, who gets $750 million for the divorce.

Then the media fed us with the tales of the infamous PeterPorn. A tabloid newspaper dictated on the size of Ariel’s pe/nis. I have a female collegeue who took out a ruler just to appreciate the fact written in the article. Do I really need to know how big is his thing? Do I really need to know how many person he has bonked? Do I need to know that Pam An/derson wants to have a se/x video with him? So what if he hit so many girls until you lost count of it. So what if they are selling the video at RM45? You and I will still be the same person, who will rise up with the sun, go to the same office for the same work, earning the same amount of salary.

Hubungan Romantis vs. Sodo/my
If you have read today’s newspapers and internet, you fucking know what I am talking about.

Before I proceed any further, may I explain my limitations as to my fair comment:

1. Everything happens behind close doors. You, you and you were not present at the material time.

2. Our sources i.e. newspapers and blogs are secondary. It might be tampered to the benefit of any parties.

3. We know what R/P/K is capable of. We know he can manipulate facts well. We know he may be right or wrong. But we do not know for sure.

4. The truth as it appears to be may not be the TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.

One woman has been made famous by two men-parties to a sodo/my case. How ironic.

I guess the circus is back in town. New show, new entertainment. Seat back and enjoy.