While Leh was surprised by midnight cloudburst, I put up an SOS Call from Changkat Bukit Bintang. At first I was all alone. Then Wendy and Ellizabeth came. They went back early as they sensed something fishy. And I was left alone with a predator. Knowing that few familiar faces will turn up at Twenty One as the usual culprit, I asked him to go to Twenty One.

Relieved when I saw Angie, Quan, Casper and Desiree at Twenty One. I arrived just on time as they were about to leave for Pinchos. I told Angie I was needed to be rescued and I was awaiting for Fadil to bail me out from I-don’t-believe-in-society’s-concept-of-personal-relationship-that-put-emphasize-on-sexual-possessiveness-jealousy-based-relationship-guy. He claimed to have had a lot of girlfriends and he told me all the women he had in life did not mind him fucking another women around. I freaked out way before that when he said he was interviewed for a topic of travelling and picking up girls.
I made it clear to him I was not bought by the idea.

While Quan and yours truly busily moving our asses and foot to the rhythm of the music, the guy hinted on Casper.
Angie alerted me as she half-shouted, “I need to save my friend!!!!”. Casper was pulled out from the guy’s intimate hug. We blocked all access to Casper’s proximity. Later Casper came to me and asked, “Apa masalah dengan dia?”

He left soon after. Angie and I stayed put at Pinchos waiting for Fadil. And that was when I saw Laura, Audrey’s friend. I seriously thought she had gone back to France. We talked for 15 minutes about Audrey, Laura’s next plan and a bit of travelling.

So people, SOS calls are often made, not only made in post-crisis places but in night clubs when you have spooky men following you all night. That is what friends are for. You bail them out from troubles. I was not even going out for a date last night. It was a casual dinner meet up with the guy and Wendy and Elizabeth. The event took a different juncture as he was putting his idea on personal relationship. Weird this guy was not event drunk.

That people, a story of a night spent after a hectic week.

The theme of this weekend is definitely social events. I am invited to charity dinner at Mandarin Oriental Tonight. I have not been dancing for awhile, there is the need to hit the dance floor before Ramadhan begins.