Single & Pregnant – Do you have a choice?

I found one of my favourite Hindi movies on Youtube. Sad, moving story about being single and pregnant and what is it like to go against the norm. Kya Kehna is a 2000 movie starring preity zinta playing Priya Bakshi who was loved by everyone in her family. In her first year of college she felt head over heels to Rahul, a womanizer. She was swept by the reality as she was pregnant and Rahul refused to marry her. She chose to keep the baby.

Due to the tremendous increase in cases involving the abandonment of the new-borns, I am called as a concerned member of the society to contribute a piece of writing.

It could happen to anyone, to ourself, our friends, our neighbours, our family members etc. Just as much as we put so much emphasize on the preventive measures, we cannot close our eyes to the new-borns found in toilets, by drains, near the mosques etc., most importantly to those helpless single women who are now pregnant with babies.

How can we abhor and criticize to death the people, who have mercilessly thrown away their own babies, when we do not give them choices to choose from? We, the so-called-law-abiding-citizens, have propensity to shun the single mothers with illegitimate children, exhausting them all means of earning a decent living for mistakes they have made in the past. Do you think if we are more willing to accept a person as she is, the abandonment of babies will not be rampant? My answer is in the affirmative.

Undeniably true we have also made mistakes, which might scale to the same weight or more weight than that of the husbandless single mother. Be it whatsoever mistake, deep down inside we hope to be forgiven. And so do they. But are we prepared to forgive and lend our supports to these single mothers?

I have had a privilege befriending a Malay single mother, who deserve all my due respect for the sheer determination of bringing up an illegitimate child on her own and she is proud of it. You should know one and you know how much they have suffered rather than just demotivate them by your crude comments. Well at least go and watch the 16 episodes of Kya Kehna. You will cry tonnes!

If your response is, “Ah, padan muka. Celaka ke atas kau, perempuan sundal.”and upon seeing baby thrown by the dumpsite, you jump and advocate for the life of the baby, you, my friends, are one of the contributing factors to the death of the baby by the dumpsite.

Let us be a more dynamic and responsible citizen of the world. Stop judging and start acting.

If you are single but pregnant, this site is for you Being Single & Pregnant: You Have a Choice

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