Dear readers,

How was your first day of Ramadhan? My Ramadhan is a simpliciter. Best thing about Ramadhan is I can go back once the clock strikes 4.45p.m. Little did I know, I live near the big and packed Ramadhan’s bazaar in Desa Pandan. Traffic was bad. Cars were crawling somewhat impatiently from the city centre. It was a nightmare, really. Motorcycles criss-crossed, reminding me to the cowboy town near Phnom Penh.

What makes me missing home so dearly is breaking fast alone. This Ramadhan, ibu will be waking up for sahur and breaking fast alone without any of her children. I hope the loneliness will not break that strong woman.

Psst, I have an open secret to reveal: I am addicted to Hindi movies. It started when the travel network that I am in, provided a list of must see movies about India. I have been looking for the movies on youtube as I am avoiding torrent downloaders. (For all I know, someone is up to hunt down torrent downloaders anytime soon. You torrent rascals, beware!) I have found lots of Hindi movies with English and Malay subtitles. And the movie of the day is Jab We Met. Shahid Kapoor telah membuat saya cair secair-cairnya. Ah, filem semata-mata. Mampus nak jadi dalam real life.

The movies reflected on my life and the sentiments that I have carried with me. Because of the horrid experience being in relationship with a man, I shall not say name here, I am cynical about marriage. I do not believe that love will make me happy. Money is. *evil laugh* In the modern world of today, how angelic you are and how loving and caring you are, that, my ladies, will not discount you from the troubles men will give you later on. And if you believe in love, all I have to say is, I wish you luck.

Do not get me wrong, I still pray to God to one day find my frog prince whom according to Michael Buble – Haven’t met me yet. I presume he is under strict mental and physical training at the moment to prepare himself for someone as challenging as yours truly. If you have not known, I am a scary little monster.

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who is the strongest one of all
The broken heart I used to be of
This woman staring back at me
I’m so glad you’ve come around
With your help I won’t back down
It’s time to hold our head up high
It’s someone else’s turn to cry

Adios amigos, let’s go sahur.

Bona Fide,