I would like to ask you, what are you doing with your life? Where do you want your life to go? Are you living your life without regrets?

I am going to live the life that I want. If you have been following me quite diligently, you should by now know what I am up to. I have thought about life and how to make life more happening these days. Yes, despite of having to crack my minds to solve legal corporate issues, I do spend time to think of life and how it has been treating me.

First, remember my travelling plan in 2012? I have decided to be in practice for at least two years before I leave for the unknown. At least, I need some money as a capital to be a nomadic traveller. I have less than two years before I give it a shot.

Kuala Lumpur – Thailand – Saigon – Hanoi – Beijing – Moscow – Ukraine – Romania- Hungary – Slovenia – Switzerland – France – Portugal – London – Kuala Lumpur.

Then Come home and work, save up for Brazil 2014.

The highlight of my 2010 is the trip to India. While my friends will come back on the eighth day of the trip, I will pack my stuff and start travelling solo again. And yes, I am going for a two weeks trip. So I have extra six days for which I have no idea how to best spend my remaining six days.
Enough said on packing and leaving.

Career : I have gotten another call from Petronas asking whether I am interested to work with them. I was like, again? I have already gotten my release letter. So whatdup now? My boss is advising me against saying yes. I do not know if this needs serious consideration. Bak kata orang, kerja di KLCC nuh, macam-macam benefits dapat. Boleh beranak dekat Prince Court, Bonus enam bulan gaji, dapat travel kaw kaw. Yet again, it defeats the purpose of me pulling out when I was first called for the interview. Gaji memang sedap, tapi sapa kata jadi law/yer gaji tak sedap? Tapi memang beberapa tahun pertama, senak sikit sbb gaji tak sedap. I have until Tuesday to make my mind on this. Chilex dulu.

itu sahaja dulu.