Dari tahun lepas, daku terkenangkan bubur lambuk kampung baru yang terkenal segenap pelusuk. I missed it last year because I did not know it was so good and I intentionally gave it a pass. When my CS friends who went there told exciting stories of how they had to queue just for that bubur lambuk, boy, I know I was missing something then.

To begin with, I was there at the launching of Ramadhan Bazaar at Perkarangan Masjid Jamek, Kg. Baru. The event was commemorated by our Tourism Minister, Dato’ Ng Yen Yen. How ironic to have a chinese minister to launch Ramadhan Bazaar event. It looks good and it goes in line with the brand OneMalaysia.

Food hunting at the bazaar stretching along Jalan Raja Alang was not easy, in the sense that I was spoilt with choices. Excited I was to look at rarely found local food. To limit myself to my bazaar RM10 budget was difficult too. I ended up buying Nasi Kukus Ayam Dara which my mother later on said, how sure I was that piece of chicken is Ayam Dara. Roti Jala with Durian gravy, thanks to Danial who paid for it. Air Jagung, my all time favourite during Ramadhan.

Since Danial had to go home to break fast with his family and Rachel and Ryui had to find some computer gadgets, I was left in the company of Jasmin, Marcus, Isabel, Fidah, Farid, Frank, John, Adrian and Ditmirius. We waited quite patiently for the maghrib prayer. We had a round tour in Kg Baru for the panaromic view of KLCC. It was funny when I tricked Isabel and Frank to eat bitter bean a.k.a. petai. You should have seen their face expressions.

Sahur pun di Kg. Baru jugak. Thanks to Saree for choosing a congested place. It got the nerves on me! At first, I thought only the usual culprits would attend lepak sahur event. To my surprise, there were Matt, Darren, Shazna and her boyfriend, Jia, Roza, Saree and Hafiz. Bubur berlauk yang sudah lama kuidamkan juga.

Eating feast with both old friends and new friends, wheehee, I will be smiling to sleep this morning.