In the world where politeness is near to extinction, there are occassions where we will find a person whose politeness is only relevant in the 60s. New chambering student who is doing litigation work for me is a living case of the survival of politeness over the centuries. When he greeted me in the form of , “Selamat Petang, Cik Farah…”, I was not only jolted from my chair, I could see the shock on Shera’s face. Whatever it is, I like the new kid in the firm.

I just finished watching P. Ramlee’s 1968 Anak Bapak. Nolstalgia!!

Anyone wants to go for a movie with yours truly? The Expendables?

Next movie is Mumbai Salsa. Honestly speaking, there is not even a day passing without me charting my trip to India next year. I kill the time waiting for breaking fast by slipping through my Frommer’s India Guidebook. My two weeks leave for next year has been approved without much difficulty.

I seriously want to go to Leh, Ladakh during that trip. The problem is Ladakh lies in the mountain range of Himalaya and for goodness’s sake, February is winter. The temperature may go as low as – 40. And with mother’s nature going berserk throughout the world, you are expected to expect the worse. For someone from a tropical country, I need atleast 2 day to acclimatise to the high altitude, and time constraint it is. I know now it is a little too late for me to go there for the cloudburst has swept the enchanting beauty of Ladakh into a vast barren land and the mountain ranges have dislodged downdards. Ladakh is still one of my favourite place in the world. I don’t know why but I feel strongly attached to this place. Notwithstanding, I am now considering Shimla or Amritsar-overland travel to LahorLahore, Pakistan-Delhi or fly south and do Ladakh the next time when it permits.

Anyhow, I am going to say NO to Petronas.

Bona Fide,