Dear readers,

I stayed up late reading stories from people of different walk of life who has the courage to quit job and start travelling. In my case, it is too early to consider a quit as I have just gotten my practicing license. I was convinced or rather I convinced myself that I was not going to consider the job interview for the project based work in an oil and gas company. I was prepared to say no when the phone rang this morning.

A bug intruded my loose mind and I said yes for the job interview. I was told it is only for one year contract. Which project, I have yet to know. But my instinct has it that it might be one of the mega projects in Sabah or Sarawak. If you are wondering how the hell did I get the invitation to attend the interview, I am also clueless. I have not submitted my resume to anyone, I have already been released from the bond. Rezeki.

I received letter of confirmation from my firm today. I requested HR to keep the letter on hold for if I accepted it, should I quit my job, 3 months notice is required.

While I love practising – despite some comments from JID lawyers who suggested that they have not seen me in courts: I don’t do JID cases anyways, I am curious to know what the company has to offer. Let us not talk about benefits for we all already know that facts. I want to be in the place that can help me enrich myself both in knowledge and money, the latter is just a bonus.

Say some prayers for me, will you?

[interval] Thanks to Danial for the treat at Marche,, Thanks to my travelmates for the non-stop discussion about travel & life. Yes, I want to go to all the places in the world. Yes, my interest is addictive and infectious especially to close friends. Trust me, you do not need to have a lot of money to travel.

[interval] My baby sister met with an accident this evening. She is doing alright albeit minor bruises and injuries. Get well soon and see you this weekend.

Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans. In deed.