Once in a while having children at home must be a soothing feeling for every parent. My mother and father travelled miles away to break fast with us at Kuala Pilah. It was a definite eating feast. More than 10 main dishes were served on the dining table. Making it more memorable is the presence of family and relatives. For someone who is working and living alone in the city, I savoured home-made food, especially so when it is my mother’s secret recipe.


Apart from handphones and a broadband, we kept each other in company for other entertainment in the form of television was robbed out of our possession. I literally meant robbery – breaking into the house – while no one looked after the house. Jokes, cries and laughter filled the house and I believed they put smiles on our faces when the weekend came to an end.


In deed, a great deal of time was spared at the compound of the house where fruits are reaping into seductive yet colourful edibles. I made my own pole (“galah”) to pluck the fruits and boy, what a heavy lanky pole it was. To pluck langsat required the energy of three fasting ladies to hold the pole. Sadly our attempts to be real life farmers as opposed to urban farmers were to no avail. The black kampung ants that bite hard further discouraged us.


In Kuala Pilah, you can go to the market at 4p.m. and find fresh vegetables to be cooked for dinner! At 4.45p.m. on Saturday, I was surprised to find myself queuing for a kilogram of coconut milk for my mother’s rendang. Kampung life, very pleasant and calm.


Bazar Kuala Pilah ada satu gerai yang hanya jual buah Melaka. It must be freaking good. And the badak berendam was superb.


I will see you in two weeks time, K.P.