“Client confidence in young lawyers” was what appeared in my google search bar. I am five months old in full time legal practice and what I have experienced by far draw my attention to the said google search. Despite successfully impressing some of the clients, there are few who abruptly asked to change solicitors, both in polite and rude ways. Reason being, lack of confidence in young lawyers. I was scolded by a high ranking client for things which were out of my control. To scold me like nobody’s business at a public place is one thing but to blame me for the mistakes of previous solicitors ignited my anger. I have been flipping the files, a big fat box of them, quite religiously to ensure there is a tremendous progress in the matter and yet again, scolding is what I get.

While young lawyers are deprived of the ever more complicated cases and left with simple litigation work, there are criticisms that the qualities of young lawyers have fallen short of what they were years ago.

“Legal Aid? erm…..I would not suggest there if you have big cases to present coz most of the lawyers there are fresh grads and don’t know what to do besides things that’s by the book…even then, some might not know anything at all. They are all there by force as a requirement for their job. But you might find some genuine senior lawyers there if you’re lucky. My in-laws went there for help and faced the same problem. :)”

That was an excerpt from a friend’s facebook status. Clear example of public perception on legal aid. What is wrong with contribution by young lawyers to the needy? What is wrong to make a starting point somewhere? Why are the young lawyers being discouraged in such a manner?

No thanks to the KPLI system. The rush in closing court files makes it difficult for us to implore and be creative and most importantly, increase our advocacy skill.

For budding law students out there, practice is not as easy as shown in Boston Legal, Damages and The Good Wife. No Calista Flockhart people pleasures but a serious business that requires constant self-motivation. Do you know every year Bar Council recorded fair number of lawyers leaving practice?

Thank goodness I have been inculcated with a sense of SAYA BOLEH since I was born. Despite of the challenges that are increasing by days, I will wear my thick face around and continue practising law.

It is a noble profession and it should not be overshadowed by trivial reasons.