I packed boxes of files home for I wish to work from home until Friday. I have few important cause papers to be filed by Friday. After having a good nap of two hours, I woke up fresh and digged for food. I broke fast by drinking plain water and took my own sweet time cooking rice to be eaten with my mother’s beef rendang.

When all were ready, I spread old newspapers on the floor on which I put my rendang-rich in oil and a plate of rice. I tuned on the tv and I am keen in watching the documentaries shown in history chanel in conjunction with our independence day which is just around the corner.

History chanel is showing “VAT 69: Malaysia’s very able Troopers”. No, no, no, I am not talking about VAT 69, the Scotish blended whisky. Malaysian VAT 69 is an elite high profile special operation unit which is another limb of Pasukan Gerakan Khas (apart from the famous Special Actions Unit, known as “Unit Tindakan Khas”) prior to the amalgamation of VAT 69 and Special Actions Unit in 1997.

The one hour documentary show gives the audience a compelling naration of the how a troup of young Malaysians combatted the communists during communists insurgency era. They were brave young men willing to sacrifice their lives for the betterment of the country that we enjoy at most now. Members of VAT 69 unfolded the stories with full enthusiasm that portrayed their sheer determination to combat the communists.

One sad event that transpired during their journey to combat the communist in Perak, Kelantan-Thai border was the passing away of their noble, jungle craft leader who stepped on trap laid down by the communists.

VAT 69 is said to be one of the best anti-guerilla team in the world.

The story reminds me of someone that I knew few years back, someone whom I have frustrated. A comando who had inspired to form MYG-Mamalia yang Ganas, a group of selected fews to whom he would like to impart the skills that he garnered as an experienced comando. Well yes, the tale about me sacrificing my saturdays during my third year of law school. It is all true.

All of us did not finish the course. At one point, it sounded so guerilla that I could not fathom the necessity.There was a day where I was forced to make a free fall down from a 15metres height stand. You would not believe how he made me controlled my balance at the edge of the stand minutes before the free fall. Ah, not to mention about the head first rappelling. Though they may sound like an easy task, to me, they were not. We were supposed to have jungle tactical course where we would be left in the jungle alone for few days, of course, there was a surveillance, but we would not know how it would be made.

I had to choose concentrating for my career or to spend time doing interesting things and listening to old man’s tales. And I chose my career. Should I not have any career that awaits me, I am more than willing to learn how to be a bond girl.

I kid you not. It’s a true story.

Pictures of the team taken at gambit show that we did at Cineleisure in 2008.

Few questions prey in my mind after the documentary show. I wonder how many of us are equipped with fighting skills? What if, the unfortunate event is to happen tomorrow? Will we have Malays, Chinese and Indians in one team or are we going to fight for our own causes as a separate and distinct entity? While we are at peace, how best to ensure that the security of our nation is safeguarded?

If you were to ask me what will become of Malaysia, I don’t have any specific answers but through my observations, narcism and self-pursuit have surpassed the union that makes us all Malaysians.

Hats off to those who fought for our nation. We, the young generation should appreciate and embrace it, and march towards unity that is very poor as of date.

Malaysia, Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan ke-53. We love you!