Step up 3 is awesome. For more than one and a half hours, I was drooling over Rick Malambri and boy, the bboy dance is awesome. I wish I have the curvy body and talent just like them. One of the cast, Adam S. Gavani reminded me of my former boyfriend (I sound so politically correct today) who acted just like him even though I am not sure of his dance talent.

Sad that Malaysia does not have double major tertiary education system. If not, I would have done law and dance double major degree. How’s that?

Finally I managed to leave office at 5.30p.m. and booked myself for a movie after work. Having to mentally and physically rest my mind and body at this hour, read 9.00p.m., is a comfort that I can’t explain in words. I have been drained to my last bit of energy level due to a difficult brief.

I am going to pamper myself tomorrow, I promise.