How’s your Eid Mubarak celebration, dear readers? Mine was a moderate celebration. I was back at work this afternoon while most friends will be on leave until next week due to Malaysia’s day public holiday this Thursday. Anyhow, I will be flying out to Lombok, Indonesia, next week and please bear with the shortage of entries for these two weeks. It isn’t a sweet vacation but a diplomacy training for a noble cause.Seriously I don’t mind dipping myself in one of the beautiful beaches in Lombok after the training sessions end every evening.

Ironically, a discussion on human rights issues, of which some individuals are deprived of, will be held in a heavenly island we are bound to find worldly pleasures and comforts. Free time spent to fill in the application form was replied by an offer to participate with a waiver of programme fee worth USD2,000.00. I gasped and read the offer letter thousand times, not wanting to believe.

For all I know, I have an empty brain on the issues to be debated. But my participation makes me a little ambassador of my own country. Few hours ago, I found myself in my store room digging up international law textbooks, of course, with thick dirt on top. The flight ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Lombok, Indonesia-one way, cost me RM808.00. Gone were my French class tuition fee and salsa intermediate class fee. Singapore Airlines flies once a day to Lombok. Limited frequency and limited airlines.

Bona Fide,
Monday, ‎13 ‎September, ‎2010
12:54:47 AM