My application to record my 8 days leave as unrecorded leave has been rejected. Obviously I felt unappreciated for the time spent at work during the weekend. Anyhow, I am excited for the upcoming week, both the travelling and training parts.

As a matter of caution, I have purchased Maybank-Etiqa travel insurance at the price of RM65.00 to cover any unforseeable circumstances during the course of the eight days.

Though the program finishes at 5.30 every evening, I have the morning of 21/09/2010 to myself in Lombok and the whole day of 27/09/2010 in Bali as I intend to fly back from Bali to Kuala Lumpur via Air Asia, cheaper!

Let’s check what is it in Lombok that attracts the global tourists. So much have been spoken about sister island of Bali though it has been overshadowed by Bali. My initial research reveals a fact that supported my fellow volleyballer’s claim: Lombok is way better than Bali. I am keeping an open mind on which has better beaches.

1) Diving, in search of Mola-mola
Indonesia has half of the world diving paradise, among others, Raja Ampat, Papua, Komodo, Banda Islands: Maluku, Maratua, and its most known dive attraction, Bali. If you have not known, even though Bali and Lombok is within 35km distance, the fauna and flora that can be found in Bali are that of Asiatic origin while those found in Lombok are from Asiatic and Australian origin. This is because the two small islands were divided by Wallace line.

As I am not a diver, the term Mola-mola was first seen and heard from a friend, Nauman who spent 6 months of his travelling life in Bali. He claimed to have a sighting of this rare species of fish that has no tail and has the eyes of a doe.

I found this video on youtube by on the expedition of Russel Hunt, in search of Mola-mola. I am fascinated by the beauty of the underworld. the colours and the varieties of species make me want to enrol to a diving course and have a license. Next year, perhaps.

2) Surfing

Desert Point, works as a password among avid surfers especially Australian surfers. To the local, Desert Point which is located in South West Coast of Lombok is known as Bangko Bangko Beach.

I hope I will be able to shoot stunning surfing picture, like this one:

3) Lazing around at the beaches

4) Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani is spectacular in its own way. Its shadow, the sight of Mount Agung in Bali, the sight of the entire crater lake and the multicoloured new volcano of Gunung Baru are worth 3 days of trekking.

5) Fish Market, Tanjung Luar

Feel the hecticness of the morning fish market where the fishermen/boatmen landed by the shore with their catch of the day that consists of whaleshark, manta sting ray, tuna and even dolphins!

6) Go Fishing.

Hm, I am eager to know if Lombok meets my expectation.

Till then.