I finished packing at 8.20a.m. and immediately left for Ampang Park LRT Station which was the nearest to my house. I hailed a cab and a very baik hati uncle took me (and my Karrimor Monsoon 55l & LowerPro Fastpack 250) there. On the way there, he gave advices after advices on travelling to an unknown destination like a parent would do. He asked me to give a call to my parents once I landed in Lombok.

It was in deed my first time taking KLIA Express, a pleasant journey that wow-ed me on the fact that the train moved as fast as 160km/h. How I wish KTM Komuter, LRT and Monorail to take precedents over the efficiency of the train that cost me RM35 one way.

I arrived in Singapore at 1p.m. and my flight to Lombok is at 3.45p.m. SilkAir services was a standard service that you would get from any airlines. My tanning oil was confiscated, gone were my tool to colouring myself golden. That stupid cashier did not place the item in the transparent duty free plastic bag.

I love Changi International Airport for its sophiscated technology and entertainment that they provide for passengers on transit. I killed the time by reading Hishamudin Rais’s Tapai, a foodie guides concerning food ‘ditanggung sendiri’ as opposed to ‘ditanggung halal. On board the same plane to Lombok, four participants and 2 facilicitators were on board. Of course, we did not know each other. I eavesdropped and felt relief knowing that I was not on my own to Lombok. I have no problems travelling alone but not to Lombok where many countrywomen went missing. The tales are that these women fell for Lombok men, get married and lived in Lombok for the rest of their lives, some without their wills.

We were fetched at the Selarapang Airport, Mataram and were brought to Jayakarta Lombok Beach Resort & Spa. My goodness, I did not know I was about to enter a place made in heaven. Beautiful. Magnificent. Superb. A class of its own. By the beach, though I have not seen the beaches, I now imagine it is a living paradise. I am sharing a room with a human rights advocate, Moomina from Maldives. She is a Muslim. She is nice and even lent me her phone to let me call home.

Before the program kicks off, we are going to do some shopping and sightseeing. I need to write some postcards home and overseas especially for Sabiqa whose card raya has never found its way to Sweden. If you ever visit Lombok, I would recommend Jayakarta Lombok Beach and Resort, very classy – 4.5 stars hotel. Above and beyond my expectation. Services were in deed good as testified by many in the internet. Inquiries on kiblat was dealt with by a visit of one of the staff showing the proper qiblat direction. They should have just called and explained.

Moomina and I will be up at 7a.m. to see the beach and have breakfast. 🙂

Pictures will be uploaded soon.

from Jayakarta Lombok Beach & Spa