Hello. I have safely arrived home early morning today. Sol and Fadil fetched me up in Kuala Lumpur Central at approximately 12.30a.m. I have also started working as usual today though I am not in a good mood to join in for a lengthy meeting. Enough to say, I was feeling bitter for a fact I was discriminated because of a week absence due to attending human rights course meant for advocates in Asia Pacific.


As an attempt to cheer myself up, why don’t I bring you through the journey to Lombok? You may either fly in with any airlines which go to Lombok or dive in the straits of Lombok or by a fisherman boat plying to and from Lombok, any one of these will do.

I flew with SilkAir to Lombok for I was in fear for being in a strange island where many Malaysian women choose to live their lives in. As any Malaysians do wonder why Malaysian women are attracted to Lombok men, I had the question in mind and a will power to solve the puzzle. When the plane landed in the barren airport in Selarapang, I first learned that most Lombok guys are somewhat good looking and charming.

Braving myself not to fall into love spells, I found a group of people who happened to be the participants of the training I was attending. We were brought to the Jayakarta Lombok Beach Resort and Spa, a 3.5 star hotel, which is quite majestic in a poverty stricken Lombok. I later learned that last year’s training had the participants to sleep in a contena. So we rode on in bliss with a 3.5 star hotel with three swimming pools and with a beach backyard.

Before the program started, Moomina (a friend from Maldives) and I went to Senggigi beach and Mataram city. On the way to Mataram, we saw a picket by the university student against the burning of Al-Quran in United States of America.

Once the program started, we hardly had the time to venture into the virgin beaches of Lombok. It is a big island that you have to travel for a long time from one place to another.

I believe pictures say thousand words. And here go:

These are my first batch of Lombok trip. More to come, I promise.