My work related trip to Lombok kept me away from going deeper into the island. I was restricted by my fear for the unknown too. Thanks to the reminders and advices given to me on women hardly come back once they are in Lombok. A lombok guy had warned me that once I driWenk water from Lombok, I can’t never turn back. For few minutes, I was restraining myself from drinking the water and then be the same carefree-self again.

While most of the time was spent in the conference halls listening for lectures on international human rights instruments and tips on how to best advocate human rights in specific issues, rain fell endlessly in the island of Lombok. The greenish paddy field was devastated by flood and kids were happily playing in the rain. The main road in Selarapang was congested because the water level reached a high point where lowered vehicles were not able to use the road.

The amazing part was that the east Lombok was dry and humid, looking as if the rain has not fallen for months. I later found that Bali was also dry and sunny.

One night we had a cultural night and we were asked to sing a song in our national language. Poor yours truly, she has the voice of a frog with no memories of Malay songs lyrics. I can only sing the first sentence of the song and forget the rest. Fahmi was of no help as we both were ugly frogs with forgetful minds. I know for a fact that we need few karaoke sessions training to improvise the not-good-at-all singing ability.

That very night, our friendships tightened into an untangled knot. We had a good laugh, the laugh that would eventually bring you to tears because you laugh so hard. I was lamenting of not having to see dolphins during the trip or at least see a dolphin meal (some tribes in Lombok do eat dolphins). Moomina told us about her encounter of a Thai woman who took off her shirts to show her boobs in the webcam in the Cyber Cafe she was in and boy, it was funny, the way she narrated to us. Fahmi, Moomina, Parag and I ended up dancing to a rap Maldives’ fishermen song and it was really fun.

Good memories I had in Lombok.

On the last evening in Lombok, I wanted to visit Senggigi Beach again. I was left by the group and ended up talking a beach walk with Parag. We walked further up to the beach area where we could find the fishermen boat. Thankfully i was left for I took this opportunity to snap some pictures.

I am missing Lombok, the fun I had there and the friends whom I love so dearly. Parag, if you are reading this, you are one of those friends.