It was refreshing to re-visit the life that I have long left behind. Meeting friends who have seen the both sides of yours truly is a really something. For some reasons I myself are unable to comprehend, I prefer to stay at home than to go out as the nights fall.

It was my friend-Super Spanish Mario’s birthday at Jalan Terasek, Bangsar. It was truly a double celebration; one for Mario’s birthday and one for Jeff who is leaving for London tomorrow. He just got back from SEA tortoise sytle travel (slow pace travel) for God knows how many months. I seriously envy people who can just drop the 8-5, 24/7, 365 days work to travel the world. I have not gathered the guts to leave whatever I have at this point of time to start anew. But I will definitely do just that once the time comes. We concur that if we think too much, we will never be able to do it. So, have an open mind and just do it.

News of the day:
I have been offered a job in an oil and gas company. I will be collecting the offer letter tomorrow and take time to decide. I somehow still want to be practising lawyer, but being an in-house counsel for one or two years suits my strategy for a bigger career path.

I have completed my application for my Masters Degree. Let see if I am going to be offered a place. Taking the big leaps is a different story.

I will be involved in a pioneering program of adopting a refugee organised by MSRI. Four hours a month spent with a refugee will not in any ways make my life less better than what I am now. So why not? Plus, I am profound believer that if I do good to people, something good will happen. If you are interested to be involved, you can message me, I will definitely attend to your inquiries.

It’s already 2.45a.m. I better sleep myself to a dreamland.

Love you, people.