I was at Herstory screening just now to watch and listen to the stories of Malaysian women. This evening was blocked out a week before as my friend, Paik Yin made quite an advertisement for the past few weeks. Stella and Jaja were there. I managed to convince Kat who brought along her bf. It was so crowded as the audience were crammed in a small room.

Sarimah was the emcee and we were entertained by just-out-of-school-kids who made me feel like a granny as I could not understand their music. If you really have to know, the songs were about ‘mother fucking french fries’ and ‘I love my bathroom’. The music was okay albeit my lack of understanding.

Out of the 5 short movies, I managed to comprehend only 2 short movies.

As I didn’t manage to catch up with Kat and Izmil Amer (Mistake of Fact) after the movies, I offered myself to send Stella and Jaja to the LRT station. We de-toured and made our way to Selangor Mansion for the best roti canai special.

Footnote: From the opening speech of Herstory, I learned how to address a person whose position is somewhere in between – ladies, gentlemen & non-conforming gentle-beings. Hmm, creative!