Guess what I am doing at the wee hour! Reading the pleadings and preparing myself for today’s hearing, it is. I am called to visit my blog (as if I don’t visit my blog daily to check who in the world is reading me) and at the very least scribble few words.

The sole reason why I have not been writing much is the increase of outstation matters that I have to attend. More time spent out of office will definitely bog me down with piles of works. Once I am home, O’ My Fluffy Bed, I am yours. Besides my social network time mandate has been monopolized by Facebook – if you are a friend of mine or rather a friend to any of my friends, you may note that my noble intention is to bring my friends down the memory lanes, the lanes as far as SK St Anne’s Convent, Kulim and SM Sains Pokok Sena, Alor Setar.

I seriously had a good laugh looking at how a doctor-to-be was a hantu pocong during primary school’s fashion day. The ever more tomboy friend is now a lip-smacking lady seen accompanying her DJ boyfriend to fashion and music industry gala. The belacan fiesta we had – getting hold of the most skunking smell belacan and putting it in the bag of our victims who didn’t take notice until the week after. The smell itself was a tragedy we didn’t want to even smell it again. The phenomena of ‘tudung langsung tak jadi’ for five consecutive years made me want to laugh at ‘moi’. In my science-yet-extreme-Islamic-oriented-school, wearing a hijab is a must. Now that answers the side of me you rarely see.

Time’s up. Apparently I like to clock myself. Lol.

Will write more. Promise.