With the trip due few days from now, I am absolutely driving my parents crazy as I am adamant to go to Surabaya. With the prolong volcanic eruptions triggering thousands of people to find shelter in Indonesia, no one can tell for sure to what extent traveling to Surabaya is guaranteed safety, especially when one’s top priority of the trip is to visit 2 volcano mountains, Bromo and Ijen.

When my mom nagged about the safety caution I am expected to guard myself with, I am sure she is not well aware of the distance between Yogjakarta and Surabaya which I can attest here to be the distance between Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh. Should the knowledge finds her, I bet she will use the veto power she always has with the alliance with my father’s dictatorship to keep me away at least 1km from the airport.

I have made my logistics. I have measured the risk of not coming back at all. I have valued them all.

And as you may predict, I am not going to pull out from the trip unless the flight is cancelled by the air carrier.

I might spend some time to visit an orphanage in Negara, Bali depending on what time I arrive in Bali this Sunday. Weather forecasts storms in Bali for straight 3-4 days on my arrival. Most likely, the dolphin hunting is not going to happen at all. It’s an act of God.

Please pray for our safety. For the safety of the people in Mentawai and Jogjakarta.