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Lava Cafe, Cemoro Lawang which is located at the base of Mount Bromo is worth recommended to any tourists heading up to Bromo Mountain. As much as I enjoyed the cold temperature as the night went by, I loathed the fact that the shared shower room was not well equipped with hot water. Tourists geared with just above head backpacks could be seen passing by my room and as a courtesy to another visiting being to the country, greetings were exchanged.

Whilst I was still confused with the time difference between East Java and Malaysia, I was hoping that the tourist guides or travel mates to knock my room door in the morning. My room door was knocked repeatedly and we took turn to go to the toilets and (minimally) cleaned ourselves. Now that you know it is hard to find hot water in that very cold temperature, the tourists visiting Bromo, most of them, did not take shower at the very point they had taken the pictures they proudly showed you. At least, I did not.

We had to wait for the jeep for a bit too long a bearable time as we were freezing in cold and busy calculating our wasted sleeping hour. We left Lava Cafe at about 5 a.m. to the highest point to Bromo Tengger National Park which was Mount Penanjakan at 2770m to view the sunrise over the Tengger crater. In the darkness, all we could see were lights coming from jeeps sending off tourists to Mount Penanjakan then Mount Bromo. These jeeps turned out to be of different bright and cheerful colours.

On our arrival to Mount Penanjakan, we found many jeeps already parked by the road putting us pressure to find good spot to enjoy the sunrise – competition was high, really. The first thing to do on arrival if you did not bring any warm clothes with thermal material is to rent a warm jacket at the price of IDR 10,000.00. It could get pretty cold up there, I warn you. We passed by rows of shop offering souvenirs such as t-shirts and hats to bring home.

Mount Penanjakan was such a crowded place as we had to squeeze in to find good view to the sunrise. Regret, I had a camera-malfunctioned to sunrise view. While Adi and Shakir were busy offering cup of hot tea made by our dedicated tourist guides, I was putting my effort to work on the camera. It was hard to work on a camera that I barely understand its functions; that was when I missed my old fat camera. I gave up half way when I realized I was wasting the moment. So, there was I, enjoying the sunrise overlooking Mount Batok, Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru. It was an awe inspiring moment in my life. The beauty of the nature and the risk undertaken to potential volcano eruptions, it was all worth taking risks.

The series of the pictures below will unfold the journey from the starting point of Mount Bromo i.e. Mount Penanjakan:-