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A continuation from East Java trip…
After my travel mates finished shopping for souvenirs at Mount Penanjakan, off we went to feel the soil of Mount Bromo, smell its sulphur hot ashes, and enjoy the most documented panoramic view of Mount Bromo. Our jeep pulled over by a hill where we had been told that the view was mesmerising. It took us 10minutes going up and down the hill. By then the trust to the travel agents had been developed and whatever they said, we believed. And once again, their words were true.

We quickly took the photographs and left for Mount Bromo. It was quite a distance from Mount Penanjakan. Once again, we had to brave ourselves going through a narrow hilly road. At that very moment, I really had to go to the toilet. Once we reached Tengger sea of sand, the guide sent me off to the nearest toilets and shoo-ed away insistent hawkers that came in the way. Toilet costs IDR 2,000.00 at Tengger. I was later re-joined my travel mates who were then being ambushed by more than ten horsemen who offered a horse riding services up until the staircase that we had to climb to reach the caldera.

Despite our absolute refusal, they followed us through the sea of sand, with the hope that we gave up walking half way and accepted the offer. They offered us IDR 50,000.00 for one way journey. As we walked up, the offer was getting lower and lower. But we didn’t give up easily although I was in deed catching up breath due to lack of stamina. The staircase climb was somewhat tormenting.

Finally, there I was on top of a highly active volcano at East Java. Hot ash could be seen coming up from the caldera. The air smelt sulphur. The view was outstanding and truly one of the best mountains I have been so far. Scaling the views, we could see the neighbouring mountains of Mount Batok and Mount Semeru, the sea of sand and the savannah which had not been explored by anyone as just yet. Nobody knows exactly what is there in the savannah.

The excitement was at its highest level at that time. We walked further up the path, stopped and took pictures. The same series of action continued until we were choking from belching sulphur smell-a smell that could be liken to that of a rotten egg. When Bromo started spewing more hot ashes, I panicked and insisted that we descended as fast as possible giving excuses that we were running late.

Caid and I decided to descend by way of horse riding. Shrieks after shrieks from yours truly with neigh horse sound in the background. All was well in a perfect vacation as such.

We stopped by at the savannah taking some photos before we headed back to the hotel.
And the journey ended.

As I am writing this, Bromo has risen and spewed hot ashes and debris in mild eruption. It is now on alert status and dangerous zone is now 3km. The sand sea has been closed for use. Locals are on stand-by to be evacuated. Beautiful Bromo can be deadly and we never know if it’s going to remain the Beauty that I had seen that day.

Until then Bromo, I will come again. One fine day.