If you are an avid traveller based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, you must have experiences flying with AirAsia.Off all the complaints I read on the neat, in particularly on food on board and delays, I had never encountered any flight cancellation with AirAsia until last week. Coincide with the saying that there will always be the first one to experience one, that was what happened to me last week. I was in the middle of a court trial when I received a text message from AirAsia that goes like this: Urgent! Airasia flight AK*** from X to Y on dd/mm/yy is now cancelled. For more info please call [x] and enter this password: [x] to speak to an agent.

I didn’t respond on immediate basis as I was occupied with work. But I was informed by a friend who was supposed to be on the same flight to Y that Airasia has stopped flying from X to Y after some time. We are left with the option of getting a refund by way of credit shell or we can choose any AK flight to India or Indonesia.

It was only 3 days later that I found time to call Airasia agent to discuss about the option. My first call was attended by a girl who sounded more confused that I was. I was then told I could only get a refund by way of credit shell and if I want to buy another ticket to any India destination about the same time, I have to pay for the ticket. A contradiction of what was told to me earlier. I ended up calling my friend who confirmed that I could change the destination to AK flight to another India destination offered.

My second call was attended by a man called Alan. His services was indeed good as compared to the first call attendant. Within minutes my flight to Z was confirmed and he told me that the itinerary will be sent to my Airasia account as soon as possible. To change your flight, you are required to give your ticket code. Bear in mind that I don’t have to pay an extra amount; ticket was bought at RM33 during a promotion.

Prudent practice has it that nothing is confirmed until you get the itinerary sent to you by the airline. The next morning the itinerary was there in my ‘Manage My Booking’ section of my Airasia Account. The prompt action made me impressed by Airasia services. Changing my ticket to a new destination due to flight cancellation is without any difficulty.

Fear not if your flight is cancelled, Airasia can accommodate you.