A night in Bayu Mantra was beyond adventures. As I was about to be lost in sleeping arena, something fell on me. It was a big fat rat. I was too tired to bother the existence of another being. I could only hope that it did not slip into my duvet cover and tickled me from underneath. I woke up the next morning to find my facial wash being bitten by rat. There and then, I stopped boasting about having a room at RM45 per night with a spacious king size bed together with a garden bathroom. I myself was badly beaten by bed bugs.

I had a dolphin hunting and snorkelling trip arranged for me on my arrival to Bayu Mantra. It costs me IDR 150,000.00 all in. I had to wake up as early as 5 a.m. to go dolphin hunting and then snorkeling. Lovina beach is ain’t like the sandy white beaches for which Bali is known of. Lovina has a black coloured sandy beach.

Two New Zealanders and yours truly board the same boat jetting off to spot dolphins, the smart creatures. If you have known me for quite a while, you may know my little obsession on dolphins. I think they are cute and adorable. The sun slowly shone up to light the earth and we were bathed with beautiful sunshine rising above us. Sunrise with Mount Agung of Bali kinda view.

At least 10 – 15 other boats were hunting for the dolphins. We were informed the day earlier a lot of dolphins came playing by the shore. Unfortunately, none came up playing on the day we went dolphin hunting. The boat man profusely offered his apologies to us. It was not the default of the boat man as we can never control the nature of dolphins. Then we went snorkelling and came back to the hotel.

After I had a proper bath, I heard a knock on my door and found Ketut standing in front of my door. He asked if I was ready to see other interesting places nearby. I told him to wait at the receptionist counter for I needed to eat my breakfast.