This was where I stayed for two days in Lovina- Bayu Mantra.

On the night of my arrival in Lovina, Ketut came to introduce himself and offered to take me around at a fixed price. I politely told him Bali was my last destination and my budget was at its lowest. Thus, I could not afford to pay what he had asked for. Notwithstanding, he said he would like to take me to view a sunset and send me to a Muslim restaurant for free.

We reached there late and the sun had gone. We then proceeded to a fancy looking seafood restaurant by the beach. Yes, it had a fancy price too. The food was not to my liking.

Ketut seemed like a family person as he had been telling me all about his family. On the way back, he said he wanted to introduce me to his family. At first, I refused for satefy reason. But then again, I was prepared to place a S.O.S call just in case anything happened. After I reluctantly agreed, we made a de-tour to his house.

When we reached his house, we sat on the verandah and slowly his family members came and joined us. His mother, his sisters, his nieces and nephews. They were extraodinarily welcoming. I was trying to re-live the scenes from Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love-visiting a Ketut’s house. The air filled with laughters as they tried to act out Upin and Ipin characters ; Upin Ipin is an animated Malaysian television series which feature the life and adventures of the twin brothers in a fictional Malaysian kampung. It was a big hitz in Indonesia. That was the first thing Indonesian would relate to Malaysia.

The family was somewhat educated as between the jokes they pulled out, they asked challenging and difficult questions like why Malaysians often abused Indonesian workers and sort.

As fatigueness gushed into the blood, I quickly recused myself from further conversation and asked Ketut if he could send me to the guesthouse.

Before we said goodbye, he said he could bring me to interesting places on the next day if I could pay the fuel. The fuel and nothing else. I told him I would think of the offer overnight and let him know if I need his help.

What a peaceful kampung style night in Bali.