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A travel to a particular place is not complete without a visit to the traditional market. I had asked Ketut if he could take me to the traditional market for I loved to see the most genuine activities of the locals which could only be found in traditional markets.

He came to pick me up at 6 a.m. After riding the motorcycles for 15-20minutes, we arrived in Singaraja traditional market. I geared on my camera and flash to capture the life of Balinese people.

As we walked in, I could see bouganvilla flowers and pandan leaves being shredded and packed in plastic bags for sale. I was informed that they were sold for religious ceremonies. The fruits and the vegetable are similar to the ones in my country. But they have huge and different fishes.

Shredded Pandan Leaves

Palm Sugar

Fruitales of Bali

They thought I was a journalist. I did not make a bold statement yang saya itu pengacara bukan jurnalis. Instead, I flashed a smile, shot more pictures and left.

Sirsak/Soursop/Durian Belanda

Traditional Market

The Lady Fishmonger

Ini tempe asli ya buk!

P for Peken!

We shot pictures and then left the traditional market as I had to catch a bus from Lovina to Kuta.