I need a break from sorting out documents to be tendered during trial this Wednesday. The documents are in a whole lot of a mess.

The pit-bull determination to work to the highest of my ability is clearly lacking on the third day of the year. It is too slow a learning process. Why hurry, I silently comfort myself.

As much as I would want to be very independent in my work, the boss would have a final say. As much as I would like to give a super-duper fast service to my client, I find my work pending for approval due to the hectic-ness or lack of management of my superior. It leads to frustration. A big fat frustration, for someone who seeks for a better future ahead.

My direct boss is seven years senior as far as PQE is concerned and he mans five other lawyers in the team. He rarely comes to the office and even if he does, he comes late and goes back as soon as he could. I don’t really blame him for what he is expected to do but I have not seen much efforts coming out from him to meet the expectations.

A colleague of mine had been missing for two weeks without justifiable reasons. And nobody cares to take any action. For all I know, she receives a huge amount of salary. Bear with me, she is not even a partner and she handles the least number of cases.

Unhealthy working environment, I have to say. I am not quite sure if I am happy working here albeit the luxury of working in this posh area of Kuala Lumpur.

Persevere! That’s the word I chant every now and then to kick some sense for me to complete my one-year PQE (post qualified experience) with this current firm. Half year is not too long a wait kan??