Kellie’s Castle, Ipoh

A wonderful thing about attending a wedding far off from Kuala Lumpur is having the chance to visit local tourist sites. And it’s Kellie’s Castle – one of the most talked about/written castle in Malaysia. On the one hand, it was built in the name of love and on the other hand, it was never completed. The Castle was not compeleted because 60 Indian workers who were imported from Madras succumbed to Spanish flu and Mr. Kellie himself died of pneumonia when he visited Portugal.

Notwithstanding the fact that what remains today are the ruins, there are mysteries lingering this castle of the late Mr. William Kellie Smith. The spirit of Mr. Kellie was seen to guard the corridors of the castle and the wife of Mr. Kellie still roams her bedroom at night. I can’t say for sure if that is the case as I am very well convinced, based on the vandelism that appears on the wall of the castle, the castle is now used as drug addicts hiding place (Port Best Mat Pet) and couples looking for romantic-adventurous make-out places.

If I am not mistaken, the Castle houses Malaysia’s first lift from the underground tunnel up to the rooftop. The castle has 4 tunnels, of which 3 have been discovered. The fourth tunnel remains a mystery. It was believed that the secret tunnel which has not been discovered until now, used to be the hiding place of Chin Peng the communist and it was the execution hub for the Japanese Army. Some said that was where Mr. Kellie kept his car. Until or unless the tunnel is found, no one knows what it contains.

The surrounding could be quite eerie even during the day.

Kellie's Castle

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Kellie’s castle is not only famous for its rarity of building that resembles building from India.
There’s a unique tree for you to look at the compound of the castle. The trunk looks as though it has been crafted into a bear shape hugging the tree.

The Signature Tree at Kellie's Castle