The sisterhood went to Sunway Pyramid! I picked up my sisters as early as 9.45a.m. in Shah Alam and off we rushed to Sunway Pyramid. I rarely went to Sunway Pyramid, it is still one of the malls that I occasionally get lost. We were talking in the car about Khurafat the movie which had been acclaimed by some as the most scariest Malay movie ever and thought why not give it a shot! The first thing we did was to queue up for three tickets for Khurafat at 12.45p.m.

Nak makan Ireland’s Potato but the kiosk was not ready for service at that particular time. So we ended up going to Bubba Gump Shrimps. The food was good but I nearly threw up for the concentration of cheese I took in a short duration. We went shopping for I was looking for some stuff to bring to India and my sisters were looking for casual cardigans to be worn to class.

We had in mind as most movies would kick off with many trailers and start at only 15minutes later, we did not rush to be in the movie theatre at 12.45 sharp. To the contrary, it did start at slightly after 12.45p.m.

The movie started with a scene of Syamsul Yusuf performing prayer with his family and wanting to go to the mosque. A typical horror drama series scene shown at TV3. The theatre hall was full with tension and anticipation as though they could read the move of the so-called ghosts. So when the supposedly horror scene first popped out from the big scene, least people were prepared to scream and all that we could hear clearly was laughter from young children.

As the movie unfolded mystery after another, cries, screams and shrieks coming from the four corners of the hall were heard. My sister screamed the loudest! And yes, that will be subjected to at least a month of teasing. She came to a point that she asked if we could all leave the theatre hall half-way through the movie as she could not stand the eerie feeling. I convinced her that if we, in the centre of the hall, stood up and strode out from the hall, we would for sure receive a round of applause from audience for being the first patrons to leave the hall.

We remained seated screaming when situation required us to and at the same time trying to make sense of the khurafat-ness in the movie. It was not until the last 10minutes that we came to learn that at all the material time, the khurafat-ness turned out to be the practice of the now-mosque-going-hero. He met one wild girl who turned him down embarrassingly in a club. He later sought to black magic to make the girl fell for him. Wish granted provided that he could never let go of the girl. If he let go, the spirit which was housed in the body of the girl will seek revenge. And the story begins.

I have heard of this black magic taking place quite rampantly in the society. From family members, friends, friends of friends, clients etc. I have visited few people in the hospitals whose diseases are deemed a mystery to modern medicine. Then next thing I came to know was the practices of black magic that go beyond my logic. For example, how could a healthy person fell sick within few hours and later succumbed to death and how is it possibly tyres of a car need to be replaced from time to time as it kept on missing without trace, even when the security is put on high priority. Those things that fail our logic.

I am in full support of this movie and hope it helps to educate the people in its own way. You don’t risk on something you have no control of like satan.

Another round of shopping and next, Tutti Frutti. Oh, tomorrow is a working day and I have to be in Seremban. How I wish it’s a holiday…