This entry is narcissist simpliciter, kindly be forewarned.

While my India trip is a week away, I have been juggling too many a thing at the same time. With all that happened in my office and now that I have decided to leave behind a resignation letter before taking two weeks break for a cooling off period, time is running as against me. I am capable of quitting my job, my first job (emphasis added), but I have never thought it would be coming way too soon. I am in total disagreement with my firm’s new policy and voila ici mon lettre de depart (translated as here is my resignation letter).

I have called KPJ Ampang Puteri to inquire how could I set an appointment for travel vaccinations. They asked me to go for a blood test to check my hepatitis immunization. If my body is still immune, there is no need to go for another shot of hepatitis A vaccination. I have been going back super-duper late this week; hardly have time to go to any private clinic.

I have made a list of things that I need to bring to India. I need to shop for a daypack (preferably Osprey), high quality silk sleeping bag, pants, souvenirs from home country etc. Banyak nak beli within this short span of time. Why short, you ask? I am going to Georgetown-Ipoh for 3 consecutive days and the rest of the day are meant to completing my work so that I won’t be burdening anyone else from the office.

Err, travel insurance and traveller’s cheque pun belum sempat buat.

These few days, I have been making contacts in India; at least I know where I can turn to if I am in deep trouble. I have not called the High Commissioner Attaché whose number was given to me by a high rank police officer in Malaysia.

While I have been getting tips from a girl who just got back from backpacking through India for two months, today I am fed with news that a Malaysian girl who travelled on her own to India was harassed and negatively treated by an Indian guy. Apart from my luggage, I will be lugging my armour guard on at all material time.

Well, that’s all for now.