Today is in history. I tendered my first resignation letter and proudly said I am marketable and I can fare better out there. I can’t stand the injustice and biasness that are taking place! Thus, the three-month notice! I am not sure what I am going to do thereafter, but I might be embarking on a journey to explore South East Asia for god knows how long. Alternatively, I will further my studies in aviation and space law.

That aside, it’s one day from departure date! India, here I come… It is funny really how backpackers get to know each other. In view of connectivity with the locals, I have posted in several travel forums and guess, who replied to my message? A Malaysian couple who will be on the same plane to Bangalore this Sunday and board the train; Hampi Express to Hospet.

I can’t talk on behalf of other solo travellers, but I do get nervous breakdown flying out to a strange land alone, at least on board the flight to my desired destination. The fact that I have prior contacts with fellow travellers saves me all the nervousness. I look forward to meet the couple in person.