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I’m home from a journey full with bitter sweet experiences in a country which had triggered the use of my sensory system – the most, if not all. I don’t know where to begin with -writing my experiences so as to share my experiences with those who are keen. It seems natural that every story begins with ‘acknowledgments’ of people who make up the story as a whole. And that is how I choose to begin my story.

I have many people to thank. I am indebted to Mr. Bhavesh Doshi who hosted me in Hyderabad and did his best to keep me in company during my journey in Hyderabad. My gratitude to my Malaysian travel comrades, Joshua Tan and Chen Su Yin: I treasured the memories I had with both of you in exploring Vijayanagar ancient city in Hampi. Many thanks to Mr. Vijay Jamplar, who made spontaneous arrangement in order to bring Joshua, Su Yin and I for a sunrise view at Malavanta Hill, Hampi. Jeelan the incredible, you amaze me with your train of thoughts and I would like to say here once again, you don’t have to be rich to be noble; you are already a noble man by acts.

To M. Desai whom I wish I could have met in person, I am glad for the many exchanges we made during my days in India.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the great people with whom I had the privilege to travel with. Danial. Ezwan. Mazlyn, Shakir and Syahid. I learned a lot through the experiences of travelling in a group. Special mention to Ezwan who endlessly pulled out jokes that managed to crack laughter especially after our wallets/purses had been emptied by the scams.

To Mr. Gaurav Gupta; thank you for keeping your time free in order to show me around Chandigarh.

Special thanks to Mr. JP Meena, Miss Usha Nair, Mr. Vikram for arranging almost everything for me in New Delhi. Mr. Arjun for being the most patient ambassador car driver I have met thus far. Mr. Anil Thakur who kept on entertaining me on my last day in New Delhi – you have touched my heart through your honesty, I will visit you in Dharamsala, one fine day. To Mr. Raghav, a mere stranger whom I had stopped by the street to ask for direction; Metro has been one of the highlight on that very day.

For the many honks that penetrated my ear drums, for the urine street smell, for the haggling that took place in every corner of the city, for the worse traffic rules I have seen in my entire life, for the fantastic food served, for the hospitality offered, for catching me unprepared most of the time, for the panic suffered, for ripping my money off, for the friendship built along the way, for experiences like no other, for the best train rides I had, for each and every thing that is not mentioned previously… you made my journey through India incredible.

Thank you.

p/s: Next India trip will cover. New Delhi. Varanasi. Amritsar. Dharamsala. Kalka. Shimla. Manali. Leh. Dehra Dun.