Bukan senang nak dapat title peguamcara dan peguambela. Tidak semudah menggenggam segulung ijazah. Your words bear responsibility. Your behaviour can be held as contempt. On your shoulders, there sit the oppressed person whose life and death depend heavily on you. In court, you are subject to hurried justice where tolerance and postponement are not common practices.

Truth be it, you are a doctor to your clients’ problems; nursing and applying medicine to the injured parts.

The most important reason is you’ve got to love what you do. And yes, I do.

There’s something that is bugging me. I used to think that one day it’s hard to leave the current firm because of the luxuries and comfort fronting the shopping and entertainment paradise in Kuala Lumpur. To my surprise, it is not about having to stop my salsa class. It is not about having to stop shopping at Pavilion everyday. It is not about not being given a parking space in Starhill. It is not about not being greeted by JW Marriot’s doorman every morning. It is not about having to give up my social butterfly’s life.

But there come the files and flashes of clients’ faces. And the hope that is being put in me by them. The rapport I have built for so long. And the respect I have earned. I have listened for no one but imaginary voices of my lamenting clients. I never know I would be so attached to files and clients that I can’t bear to frustrate them. I know someone will eventually take up my place but then again the clients trust me with the files to such an extent they don’t want to deal with anyone else.

It is not until I need to face this reality that it dawns upon me that I’m loving it. I love being a lawyer with all my heart.

I hope the spirit never dies and when I grow older and wiser, I can rhyme in the style of W.B.Yeats that,

“I have been a lawyer first and foremost for almost all my life”.

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