While catching up with my current favourite legal drama series, The Good Wife, I felt a bit of a pang on the face by the statement of Alicia Florrick on S2E9 where she convinced a judge who questioned the credibility of a witness who changed his testimony at the very last minute.

So much of what we do is uncertain…
So much of my day is working between right and wrong.

I share her sentiments on this issue. More often than not, I feel divided as to justice and morality, right and wrong. One act might be considered just in accord with inherent laws but against the morality of the society, vice versa.

Working as a legal assistant does not give you a privilege of choosing which type of cases you want to handle. You shallow whatever that is served on your desk. And it dawns upon me that everyday of my working life, I have been working between right and wrong.

What matters most is having faith in what you do. A client who walks in the door is innocent until proven guilty. Glaring example of criminal case.