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Josh, SY and I went back to the guest house to clean ourselves up before starting our remarkable journey through barren lands with temples and huge boulders. Under a scorching sun, we walked to Krishna Temple, which was further up from Hemakuta heading to the main entrance of Hampi. We passed by a bazaar-like pillars with pond as the centre attraction. The sign board said, “Pushpakarani”.

Pushpakarani was an aftermath of a huge celebration which we all missed by two days. And we all had leaf picnic plates with two days old biryani stuck at our nose strills.

We walked back to Hampi Bazaar and took the path heading up to Nandi temple and took a left turn to Achyutaraya Temple/Tiruvengalanatha Temple. This was where I first found the oracle boats. Oracle is a vessel used to transport people across the river. Still widely used in Hampi. That’s ancient! I didn’t go for the oracle trip for the price quoted to me was rather steep.

We walked to Achyutaraya Temple through the bazaar where prostitutes trading used to take place. And again, aggressive children obsessed with big cameras approached yours truly to have the photo taken and stormed off to my camera to look
at the pictures.

We climbed up the Matanga Hill and came down half way when we realized that none of us brought a torch light in our bag. Josh and SY proceeded to Nandi temple while I went back to the room enroute to the cybercafe. I was busy making some arrangement on my accomodation in Hyderabad and Delhi.