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The night in Hampi was spent having dinner with Josh, SY and our CS Hampi friend, Vijay at Rooftop Gopi Guesthouse. Excellent food, some food is much better from that of Mango Tree Restaurant. One thing to note about Indians, they are one of friendliest cluster of people in the world. Though not as honest as Balinese people, Indian hospitality should be credited.

Vijay is an ambitious businessman who wants to try out tourism industry and horse breeding industry. If I could award any person for being the most comprehensive tour guide while I was in India that coveted award shall go to Vijay. Over the mint paratha, egg plant curry and salt lassi, we discussed India as a whole.

We discussed religions in India. And the 330 million gods in India. My first response was did you remember all 330 milion gods. How do you get to choose to which god you want to pray. It was a new thing for me. I prefer to save the complexity of the discussion for you to make some googling research. SY and Joshua wanted to go to Malavanta Hill for sunrise. They had rented a bike but were not sure of the road they should take.

After convincing Vijay who agreed to stay overnight a friend’s guesthouse, I too got to join them for the sunrise. Going around on a bike at the wee hours in Hampi was eerie. It was a dead down, quieter than grave. The only sound you could hear was the monks chanting god-knows-what in the nearby temple. It was then that I fully comprehended why people resorted to meditation in India.

Sunrise in between the huge boulders was different from the usual sunrise seen near the beach. I was mesmerized as to the beauty of the world. A barren land and huge rocks are rare scenes. I blamed my absent-minded, half-asleep mind for I brought the wrong bag and left behind my golden treasure i.e. the camera.

Lucky SY brought two DSLR cameras. Serious photographer never left behind her gadgets. She lent me one of her cameras. While I sucked big time in shooting sunrise, she was very nice to have taught me the how-to skills. We were in Malavanta Hill for good two hours.

After enjoying the view, Vijay sent me back for I had to pack my stuff and toured around Hampi with the rickshaw man who happily called himself ‘The Incredible’.