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As I arrived in my guesthouse, Mr. Incredible had waited for me rather patiently. He was 30minutes early for we were set to begin when the clock struck 9a.m. Before leaving Hampi bazaar, I told Mr. Incredible I wanted to have some postcards posted home. He brought me to the nearby post office and found it close. He promised to bring me the one in town, fair enough.

The Hemakuta Complex
There was a huge gateway welcoming visitors in. Inside one may find ore than 15 temples, 12 shrines, mantapas and gateways. Almost all of them were built in the 14th centuries. Hemakuta is one of the complex which has remained intact since the 14th centuries.

Look at the architectural style of the temples.

Badavilinga Temple

The 3 meters high large Shiva Linga is also a monolith similar to the Lakshminarasimha. Part of it is in running water supplied by the great canal. It is also known as the Linga of a Poor Woman.

The Lakshminarasimha Monolith

It is a monolithic image of Lakshminarasimha. The largest consecrated image found at Hampi. The image has been mutilated the limb has broken and the consort has been dislocated.

The Sisters Rock

The legend has it that there used to be two travelling sisters who talked bad about Hampi and ended up being two huge rocks. Careful with what you say, will you?

Parassana Virupasha

The underground temple is a landmark in the metropolis and the oldest Siva temple but retains the least original appeal.

Khrisna Temple.