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I was reminded by a fellow friend on the slow progress of this blog and how I was still elaborating my journey through Hampi. Even though I was in Hampi for two days, there were just too many stories to tell. Excuse my inclination to write posts after posts for Hampi.

After I was brought to the look-out point near the Noblemen’s Quarters, I visited Zanana Enclosure.

The information wall described Zanana Enclosure as ‘a structural complex with tall enclosure walls on four sides with entrances at northeast and north. This enclosure has at present structures identified as a rectangular treasury facing east, an ornate terraced building identified as queens’ residence facing north and Jal Mahal facing east. To the east of Jal Mahal is the most popular two storeyed Lotus Mahal. To the north of Lotus Mahal is a tank. The enclosures has watch towers at east, south east and north. The structures of the Zanana Enclosure are in Indo-Islamic style of architecture. The structures in this complex are judiciously spaced exemplifying manisfestation of Vijayanagar secular architecture’.

At this juncture, I was convinced that school trip was part of the syllabus in India as I would definitely bump into school children at different tourist places. Tourists especially the Westeners were quite a magnet to the children. Small children would run after the tourists calling them , “Ingelis, photo, photo”. Once their pictures were taken, they insisted quite roughly to look at the photo. The encounter with the children who happily laughed at their portrait photographs had somehow soothed my feeling thinking that they were happy despite the constraint of life.

Apart from the queen’s palace basement and Lotus Mahal, there was a building with dome and long triangle structures. It was considered as the building for the State elephants. If you run out of water, you may find an old man selling coconut drinks near the entrance to the elephant’s stable. Price varies between local and foreign tourists.

From the elephant stable, I took a right turn and found myself near the Hazarama Temple. It is the only temple situated in the royal zone. It was dedicated to Vishnu in his aspect as Rama. The scuptures across the wall must be seen, touched and heard by you.

I am not going to write further on Hampi, if you have any questions, just shoot me a comment or two.