I check on my travel diary and it says Jogjakarta and Solo in May.

Jogjakarta is famous for its classical Javanese fine art and culture which comes in the form of batik, ballet, drama, music, poetry and puppet shows. And indeed for its grandeous architecture designs of the world famous temple of Borrobudur and Prambanan. There are hundreds of activities that can be done in Jogjakarta from climbing the post-eruption Mount Merapi to enjoying breathtaking view of magnificient Borrobudur.

Solo or Surakata as it is known locally is a sister of Jogjakarta which lies along Begawan Solo River. That river, ladies and gentlemen, reminds me of the local ‘keroncong’ (popular folk style song with Portuguese influence) written by Gesang Martohartono named, “Begawan Solo”. A very beautiful song. I don’t know why I wish to hear my dear sister, Kak Enida’s rendition of this song. Someday, perhaps. Boleh kan?

I have been surfing around for the best price to get a deal done for my four days three nights trip but tour agencies are giving me ridiculous quotation. And I have no choice but to come out with my own travel itinerary.

So let’s check out the places that I’ll be in two weeks time.
1. Dieng Plateau

2. Telaga Warna Dieng

3. Borrobudur Temple

4. Prambanan Temple at Sunset + Ramayana Ballet at night

5. Mangkunegaran Palace

6. Kraton Palace

7. Taman Sari

9. Sukuh Temple (dasyat sungguh statue ni! Erotic sgt)

10. Slope of lawu mountain

Have I told you Jogjakarta is paradise to lomography and vintage lovers?

Thus, I shall now predict Jogjakarta is going to be my favourite.