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Some 1202 kilometers from Mumbai, Jaipur is located. I flew in from Mumbai via Indigo Air and landed down at 10.45p.m. The guesthouse that was booked earlier had already made an arrangement for a taxi to fetch my friends and I from the airport. Sunder Guesthouse is a bungalow house turned boutique guesthouse with immense refurbishments and a rooftop garden restaurant. The room was clean and the food was good, whatelse would a backpacker ask for?

Early in the morning, we negotiated for two autorickshaws to bring us around Jaipur. We first went to the train station where my friends booked train tickets to Agra using Tatkal quota. I did not fancy a train ride using Tatkal quota for its higher than normal price. I was more than happy to take the bus from Jaipur to Agra.

We were brought to Hawa Mahal, the profound feature of the elementary pink city. The azure clouds in contrast to the colour of the 1799 building of the Palace of Wind made it picture-perfect for a photography outing. Hawa Mahal was once a palace where the royal ladies, for which I mean the wives of Maharaja with their servants, lived and the windows were used to observe the everyday life of their subjects without being seen.

Later we went to Jantar Mantar and learned astronomy. Thereon, I also learned that there are numerous Jantar Mantar throughout India.

About 11km from Jaipur, we visited a massive fort-palace complex that was the royal palace of the Kachawahas from c. 1600 to 1727. The fort is named after the town of Amber. Venturing through an old palace like Amber Fort is truly meant for people who is seeking knowledge on the monarch system in India. I shall now state here that there were thousand princely families in India.

Before returning to the guest house, we dropped by a souvenir shop and we were lured to buy almost everything in the shop. No one was excluded, our pockets were ripped off as if there was no tomorrow.

We went back to the hotel and my friends left early in the morning to catch the train while I enjoyed few hours of sleep before travelling alone via bus to Agra.

Before I conclude jaipur post, I have to say my interests are drawn to the beautiful Maharani of Jaipur, Maharani Gayatri Devi, whose pictures were hanged in many places in Jaipur and are still vivid to my mind. It was later in Agra that I bought a biography of Maharani Gayatri Devi and learned the tragic end to the monarchy system in India. My interests and concerns deserve a long winded write up on nothing but that.

Tribute to Jaipur; which much thoughts from Desa Pandan,