My interests towards antique stuff has been known by many, if not all friends. Wherever I go, antique shop will be a must-visit-place even though most of the time I survive the temptation to buy antique decorations which I hope to be able to grace my glass display cabinet one fine day.

It was when I hopped from one antique shop to another in search for old film camera that I noticed an English man whose lip curved a smile whenever our eyes met. At last we ended up at the same shop where he was fixed to an old wooden table while I had my hands on an old camera. I decided to discard my eagerness to own another camera for I barely had time to lay hands on my two newly added camera, a Lubitel and a Rolleiflex.

I was about to leave the shop that he greeted me and asked if photography is my hobby and what I did for a living, yada yada. We talked for awhile and he introduced himself as a writer based in Bangkok. Before I left Triwundu Antique Market, Solo, we exchanged cards. Oh, he spoke excellent Bahasa Indonesia and fair Bahasa Melayu.

Three days later, an email found its way to my inbox. It was from Paul Spencer Sochaczewki, the guy I met at Triwundu Antique Market. I later learned that he had more than 600 articles published in the International Herald Tribune, Wall Street Journal, CNN Traveller, Geographical, Reader’s Digest, Travel and Leisure, DestinAsian, International Wildlife, Earth Times and has conducted workshop for travel writing in 20 countries.

I told him how I wish I can be a travel writer and leave my legal career at rest.

And he said; “Don’t quit your day job – it’s nice to have a real salary; still plenty of time to write and play.”

And not he the fool that wanders, but the wise man that travels.

The Javanese Painting