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When my friends and I arrived in Delhi Train Station, Mr. Arjun, my Indian friend’s driver waited for us patiently amidst the hustle bustle of the train station. It was hard to communicate with each other over the phone at first and lucky, I saw him holding a placard with my name on it; albeit the spelling mistake. Mr. Arjun was among the few honest Indians I met throughout the journey.

Mr. Arjun works for my friend from Human Rights Commission in New Delhi. On my arrival, my friend was away in Bangladesh for a regional meeting. I was informed that his driver driving an ambassador car would be waiting for me to take me to the hostel that was booked for me.

After sending my friends off to their hotel, I was sent to United India Insurance Co. Guesthouse which was situated in Khelgoan. It was a double storey terraced house turned a guesthouse; a lavish guesthouse. I was greeted with a cup of masala chai and there was a sony bravia tv in my room with satelite channels.

It turned out to be Rs106.00 for 2 nights inclusive with the meals I had ordered. I was like, ‘get real’? That was dirt cheap and I even gave the boy tips which was more than the room charges. I was left with aplenty money by my friends who had left for Malaysia two days earlier than me, for fear that I might run out of money just by paying the room charges.

Let’s get back to the morning before my friends boarded the plane to Malaysia. As we were equipped with local simcards, we arranged to meet at the Humayoun’s tomb. I withdrawn some cash and off I went from Khelgoan to Humayoun’s tomb.

We went to Dili Haat for shopping. Again we were bought by the sweet talks of the salesmen. It was really an experience as we were asked to sit on the sofa opposite to the cabinets wherein saree clothes were neatly folded. They came in different colours and quality. Most importantly, they were priced way cheaper than those we bought in Jaipur and Agra. We were brought to every section in the shop.

We had lunch at Pindi Restaurant. Damn expensive.

Lunch at Pindi Restaurant, New Delhi

Just outside the restaurant, a snake charmer was spotted. Got great snapshots of the snake charmer. My friends bought two kamasutras to bring home. They got it for Rs100 each.

We went to the Lotus Temple and the India Gate, Parliament House, President House and passed by Laxmi Narayan Temple.

Later, it was time for my friends to leave for the airport. I followed them to the airport and bid goodbye. It was as if I would be staying for couple of years in Delhi. I came back to Khelgoan Guesthouse, sunk in the fluffy matress and it was then that loneliness struck me.