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A trip to Jogjakarta was prompted by my insistent sister and mother who had their fair share of travel bugs lingering their lives. I was rather busy with work and had only few days to arrange for the trip. Travel agency charged very expensive to this part of Java. A figure that goes as high as RM2,800.00 for 4D 3N. The equation between travel charges and our budget did not balance. So I dropped off the idea of engaging a travel agent for the trip. Soon, my sister found Aris Satya whose charges were RM572 for 3 pax 3D 3N.

Our arrival in Jogjakarta was welcome by Aris and his driver. We were first brought to the sultan’s palace. Here, we got to see the antique collection of the sultan. We got to see the wayang kulit (puppet show) too. There were plenty of noblemen who could not wear shoes on the ground of the palace and had to cover their heads which looked similar to the wrapping of the wet hair by most women.

Gamelan at Kraton

Taman Sari was a resting house for the Sultan and his family. Located about 2km from Kraton Palace, Taman Sari encompassed bathing pools, rooms, and underground tunnels. There was a room on the second floor of the building overlooking the large compound for which the Sultan used to watch the women (wives and misstresses) bathing. He later asked for certain woman to accompany him to the inner bathing pool.

There was an underground passageway to the sultan palace. It was used as a hiding place for the Sultan and his family. Legend has it that the secret tunnel was connected to the south sea where the king met his legendary supernatural wife, Ratu Nyai Roro Kidul.

Jogjakarta is an artsy city. The man was making a puppet.

After having our lunch, we were brought to Kota Ghede to see the process making of silver ware. We took nothing but photographs.

Adik wanted to go to Planet Biru for shopping.

We went to buy the ticket for Ramayana Ballet at open air theatre Prambanan complex. The weather was dark and raining but the rule of the house was that if it was drizzling, the show continued, otherwise they changed the venue to the indoor theatre or cancelled the show. After awhile Aris came back with two umbrellas for us to use. That pretty much saved the night.

It was in deed a good show. At the end of show, audience was given 5 minutes or so to take photographs of the dancers. Ramayana was one of the stories studied for my Malay literature at school. So some parts of the stories were still remembered by my rustic memory. Prambanan was very majestic at night. Imagine having to watch a theatre with a background of well lighted Prambanan. It was one of the highlights in my trip.

* Budget Planner for the trip

IDR RM per person
Transportation Rp 1.650.000 RM571 /3 RM191
Taman Sari Water Castle Rp 12.500 RM4.33 RM4.33
Interesting place Rp 7.000 RM2.43 RM2.43
Borobudur Rp 135.000 RM47 RM47
Prambanan Rp117.000` RM41 RM41
Hotel Oasis Jogja (2 malam) Rp 420.000 RM146 /3 RM49
Ramayana Ballet Rp 175.000 RM61 RM61
Total—————————————— ———————RM395.76