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We checked-out from Oasis Hotel slightly after 7a.m. as we had not covered Prambanan Temple which was supposed to be done on the first day. Having seen the temples of Angkor Watt in Siem Reap, the Hindu temples of Hampi and the few Brahma Vihara of Bali, I will cast my vote as follows:-
Angkor Watt temples : The most majestic temple
Prambanan temple: The most beautiful temple
Hampi temples: The most profound temple
Brahma Vihara temple: The most peaceful temple

Prambanan is extremely beautiful, graced with the garden and walkways in its surrounding. Being the largest Hindu temple in South East Asia, it shall be in the must-go-list of any travellers who intend to visit Java. The temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has been characterised by its tall and pointed architecture of black stones that makes the substantial parts of the temples.

Known locally as Roro Jonggrang, Prambanan is related to the legend of the ‘slender virgin’. There was a man by the name of Bandung Bondowoso who was supernaturally powerful. He wanted to marry Lara Jonggrang who was a beauty princess whose father was killed by Bondowoso. Cupid did not struck Lara Jonggrang. For fear of Bondowose’s black magic, she put a condition that she would only marry Bondowoso if he built 1,000 temples in one night before the break of dawn. She insisted that the work must be completed before the rooster crowed.

With the help of genies and his magic, he managed to complete 999 temples. Jonggrang later asked the village women to start pounding the rice so that the rooster would wake up and crow. Bondowoso was anguish upon knowledge of Jonggrang’s trick. He casted a spell on her thereon turning her into stone. It is believed that the statue of a slender virgin in the main Prambanan temple called Candi Sewu is that of Jonggrang.

I was mesmerized by the splendid view. The sky was azure blue and the weather was breezy albeit the scorching hot sun. Looking at the pictures I had snapped in Prambanan, I regained my trust to my ancient D70s.

We took the toy train to visit the other temples i.e. Candi Sewu and Candi Pluosan. The remaining temples were off-limits as they were undergoing some restoration work.

Prambanan was our last stop in Jogjakarta. So we headed to Solo, of course we were still with the tour guide. Solo is more busy than Jogjakarta. If Solo and Jogjakarta were two classes competing for cleanliness trophy, for an obvious proof of clean streets, Jogjakarta would be able to bag the trophy for each week.