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Solo or Surakata is located 60 kilometres east of Yogjakarta and 100 kilometres from Semarang. Although it is considered as the twin sister of Jogjakarta, Solo receives less tourists than Jogjakarta. We arrived in Solo slightly after 12.00p.m. We tried to spot The Sunan Hotel but it was nowhere to be seen. The driver then suggested he sent us to Puro Mangkunegaran, a palace, while he explored Solo city and tried to locate the hotel.

Puro Mangkunegaran which was constructed in 1757, now stands as beautiful as it used to be back then. When we visited the palace, it was so silent to the extent that we could only hear our footsteps.

Visiting hour
Monday – Saturday : 9.00a.m. – 2p.m.
Sunday: 9.00a.m. – 1.00p.m.
Fee: Rp 5,000.00

After paying the entrance fee, we were guided by a Javanese lady into the palace. We passed by the central pavilion, roofs of which were decorated with Javanese symbols of zodiac. The musical instruments of Gamelan could be seen lying on the floor of the pavilion. It was informed by the guide that there will be a Gamelan performance every Wednesday.

We walked into the museum where no photography is allowed. Camera down and our focus were on the royal treasures in the glass compartments. Dance costumes, jewelry, watches, locks, royal costumes, musical instruments and to name a few. The museum was actually a functioning audience hall for the royal family.

The surrounding area was classic and the decorations were such that you would ask for to beautify your house. The paintings were remarkable. I envy the china tea set collection.

Below is how the royal family stored their Jamu, traditional medicine in Indonesia.

The decorations:-