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After meandering the palace of Puro Mangkunegaran and the nearby antique market, we were on the move to see one of the most interesting temple in Java, that is Candi Sukuh. You will find out why this temple is deemed to be most favourite by many Western tourists.

Where it is located?|
It is situated at Desa Berjo, Karangpandan at the height of 910 meters on the sloes of Mount Lawu. 3 hours from Yogjakarta and about 1 hour from Solo. Due to the narrow mountain slopes that we had to brave ourself out, I suggest if you are a faint-hearted person, just skip the trip to Candi Sukuh.

How to reach Candi Sukuh?|
1.Take the bus from Solo to Tawangmangu from Tirtonadi bus terminal in Solo. Get off at Karangpandan terminal [1.5hours] Take the bus to Sukuh. Get off at Nglorog T-Junction. [15minutes] From the T-junction, take the autorickshaw to Candi Sukuh.
2.Join a group for a travel tour.

What is it with Candi Sukuh?|
Candi Sukuh was thought to be a sacred place for worshipping the ancestors, nature spirits and the observance of the fertility cults. The monument was found in bad condition by Sir Thomas Raffles, the ruler of Java during 1811-1816.

Candi Sukuh consisted of three terraces. The central main pyramid sits at the rear of the highest of three terraces. Unlike any other temples that I have visited, Candi Sukuh glaringly depicted sexual intercourse genatalia on the classical monuments. One example is a life-sized male figure with his hand grasping his own penis. Also can be seen two large tortoise statues guarding the pyramid entrance. It is believed that their flattened shells may provide the altar for purification rituals and ancestor worship. In Hindu myth, tortoise symbolizes the base of the world and the avatar of Vishnu.

The entrance fee| Rp 10,000.00

I did not have the opportunity to do some pre-travel reading on the monument. All I knew then was a must-do-thing as recommended by many travellers. An erotic temple out of nowhere. On the slopes of the mountain, of all places. I visited it as it was with little explanation. It only kicked some sense when I read up on Candi Sukuh when I came back.

If you want see what Mount Lawu has to offer, go and visit Candi Sukuh and learn that sexuality is never a new subject.

A candi like no other!