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Apart from the old Delhi and the new Delhi, you can also make a day trip to Chandigarh, some 238 kilometers from Delhi. Chandigarh, the Fort of Chandi, is the capital of two states, Punjab and Haryana. Often known as the Beautiful City as it was planned by French architects. Having visited the typical India states, I could not help but to wonder how the Beautiful city looked like.

I took the morning train Shatabdi Express Kalka-Delhi which had been booked for me by my friend earlier. The two hour train ride somehow left so much impression to my journey through India. I was given the window seat and sat beside an Indian teenager. Time after time we were served breakfast that came in three course. So there was I, enjoying the sunrise and the scenic plantation area over delicious Indian breakfast.

Prior to my departure to Chandigarh, I had made some contact with fellow Cser from Chandigarh. When I arrived in Chandigarh, Gaurav Gupta, a descent businessman fetched me at the train station and we first went to the Rock Garden.

Rock Garden was designed by Nek Chand, a humble transport officer, who was distraught with the abundance of waste product as a result of daily consumption. He began clearing off a patch of jungle to make himself a small garden. He set stones around the clearing and he sculpted a few figures from recycled materials he had found. Gradually the garden took on a bigger scale which was hid from the knowledge of the government.

Later, when the government learned about the existence of the garden, they decided to grant Nek Chand a salary and gave more labourers to work on the garden.

The park is open daily from April to September from 9a.m. to 1 p.m. and 3 to 7 p.m. and for month of October and March, it is open from 9a.m. and 2 to 6p.m.

Don’t be deceived by the outer look for it was just another Indian wall you might have seen in other states. When I passed by the entrance, I could never guess how vast the place was. We had to pass by the tunnel, tall person had to lower down their head to pass through.

There was a terracota wall.

And a wall of broken fuses.

And artificial tree and the winded roots.

And figures made of broken marbles.

And lady figures holding a pot on their heads made of semen and broken tiles.

Figures of birds made of broken bangles.

Many other figures made of colourful class.

Gaurav then drove me around Punjab University and he showed me the law faculty of Punjab University.

And the Eiffel Tower of Chandigarh was spotted here.

After having a cafe at Cafe Coffee Day, we took a stroll down the Sukhna Lake. Discussing the world from two different views. I don’t know why I feel as if I have been granted to freedom of speak to discuss religion for it was the most discussed topic for me when I was in India. In Malaysia, I dare not ask my Indian friends such a sensitive topic as that.

I had major hunt for sweets here in Chandigarh but I could not settle for one for fear of contamination. I had to preserve the food for days before my departure to Kuala Lumpur.

Gaurav sent me back to the train station. Till we meet again, Gaurav!